Remnant Report – December 28, 2016

Christmas Greetings From Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel

A day late, but still worth watching. A Christmas greeting with class.

Of further interest, you might get a few nuggets of insight from this video: Prophetic Mysteries Concealed in the Menorah

Elsewhere in the Middle East: Persecution of Christians

The reality is that in much of the world Christians aren’t treated with kindness. Believers who live in “Christian” nations have it pretty easy.

Globalism is Demonic

I’ve been saying it for a long time, and have blogged about this globalism before in the Remnant Report. For what it’s worth, theologians agree, globalism is from satan.

Can We Just Agree To Disagree?

Evidently, no. Those days are gone. As one commenter said, after the politically incorrect blog Happy Acres was shut down by the provider without warning, “The America I remember, and grew up in, allowed differences of opinion. We need to get back to that.”. Amen.

In this age of sore losers, the left uses Christmas gifts for a way to get revenge. The losers do not lose with dignity.

But all they’re doing is acting like their father (John 8:44). The devil is wroth when he loses (Rev. 12:17), and throws a supreme tantrum on his way to destruction – taking down everyone he can along the way.

Leonardo daVinci – Seeker of Wisdom

You think you have some heavy-duty to-do items on your list? It ain’t nothing. Take a look at Leonardo daVinci’s to-do list.

Obama’s Betrayal of Israel: What Does it Mean?

A few days ago, our soon-to-be-former president totally betrayed the nation of Israel. The headlines speak for themselves.

Obama Betrays Israel At The United Nations – Is America’s Reprieve Now Over?

The UN Security Council Has Just Officially Given Every Inch Of East Jerusalem To The Palestinians

God is real. And God cares about the Hebrew people and the land he gave to Abraham. To my simple believing mind, it appears that unless our national policy is remedied quickly, we should expect serious consequences from the LORD.

Is this the beginning of the sequence of events that will lead to the rapture of the church? We could very well be witnessing exactly that.

Israel summons ambassadors for dressing down over UN resolution. Netanyahu also accused the US president, Barack Obama, of directly coordinating the resolution at the morning cabinet meeting. ‘We have no doubt that the Obama administration initiated it, stood behind it, coordinated its versions and insisted upon its passage,’ he said. Washington has denied this. Netanyahu Accuses Obama of Orchestrating U.N. Resolution. ‘All the American Presidents after Jimmy Carter have kept their commitment.'”

Remnant Report – December 21, 2016

In a few days, Christians everywhere will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Saviour. Even non-Christians will acknowledge Him, (knowingly or not). Have a truly Merry Christmas, and remember to thank the Creator who came here to save us (1 Timothy 3:16 & 1 Timothy 2:5-6).

Tim Tebow Shares His John 3:16 Story

Feelings > Facts? Not to a Christian.

We hear a lot about feelings (“feels”) today. People are more concerned about how something makes them feel than with the facts. But Christians put their feelings aside, when evaluating any situation. We are concerned primarily with truth.

In John 8:32, Jesus says: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

To a Christian, their God is Truth. Literally! Not only does Jesus tell us the truth (John 16:7) and embody the Truth (John 14:6), God’s Word is Truth (John 17:17), and His Spirit is Truth (1 John 5:6).

Feelings take a back seat; the Truth is what we care about more than anything. Even when the facts might be unpleasant.

On the Berlin “Religion of Peace” Attack

The “Religion of Peace” (so-called) has struck again: this time in Berlin (on December 19th). The target? Ostensibly German Christians, doing some shopping. The major news media, of course, doesn’t honestly report on the events. More at the links:

CNN Responds to Islamic Terror Attack by Blaming Conservatives

The Truth About the Berlin Christmas Market Attack

“There is no problem with refugees,” says Angela Merkel. The “Terror Attack Map” of Germany shows differently.

Is Islam really a religion of peace, as so many in the government and media have claimed? Let’s see: numerous unprovoked attacks aimed at Christians, perpetrated by worshippers of a god who is not known for peace. (The 2016 Timeline of Islamic Terror clearly shows this.) Compare and contrast with the Christian God who we worship – Jesus Christ – known as the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6).

Real Giants?

When people question whether or not real, actual, literal giants walked the earth, all I can ask is: do you believe the Bible?

Not everyone does believe the Bible, of course. Many people have doubts about the plain words of the scripture. But the Bible is (and will be) proven correct – even concerning the existence of giants.

To put this find in perspective, 3m-5m in height is in the range of 10-16 feet – well within “Goliath” range. This is just one of many instances where actual bones have been discovered. Giants, evidently, were more common than modern man can imagine.

A Nation of Sorcery?

When you consider just how widespread drug use is in America, it makes the pharmakeia (sorcery) mentioned in Revelation 18:23 and other places much more relevant to modern times.

The City on Seven Mountains

Often, Revelation 17:9 (“the seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth”) is cited as a reference to Rome. Critics and apologists for Roman Catholicism have said that Rome sits on seven hills, so the verse is not a reference to Rome. It is true that in modern times, Rome is known as the “city on seven hills” – not mountains. And it is also true that many other cities can be claimed to rest upon seven hills.

But Rome is most likely the city referred to in Revelation. I have (at least) four reasons:

  1. Rome is the only major international city of any significance that rests on seven hills or mountains
  2. The Greek word “oros” used in this verse is variously translated in English as “mountain” OR “hill”
  3. Rome is and was referred to as resting on seven MOUNTAINS as well as HILLS. The terms are used interchangeably, especially in Latin. (See “Septem montes Romae” or Septimontium.)
  4. No other religious power of any worldwide significance is based in an area that rests upon seven hills or mountains.

Facebook Says They’re Solving Fake News, and You Should Just Trust Them!

Be aware: their “fact-checking” team is comprised of total and outright leftists. This is one reason I refer to them as “Fakebook”.

Anarchy Sharia in the UK

The England of Dickens is gone. The England of Churchill is gone. The England of the Beatles is gone. Even the England of Mr. Bean is no more. England, as it historically was, is gone. Instead, Islamists march in the streets demanding sharia.

Do you follow the WORD or the WORLD?

A final thought, from Let Us Reason: “Jesus said we are sanctified by the word, without it we join the world and get conformed to its ways, trapped and useless.”

Remnant Report – December 14, 2016

A lot of things are happening in the world lately, and many of them seem chaotic or strange – but only to those who can’t see things clearly. If you want to see things clearly, you might need to look at things through lenses. So put on the glasses of truth today and take a look at the events in this Remnant Report.

NOTE: I recommend you view the resources linked to throughout this article.

<h2>50 Christian Statues Destroyed in Germany</h2>

In Germany, a country that has been traditionally a bastion of Christendom for centuries, is seeing some major changes that seem to signal major hostility toward Christianity. And no one knows why! It’s a total mystery.

In a quote from this article, “German police say they ‘don’t yet know’ why Christian statues are being destroyed all over the countryside of North Rhine-Westphalia.” The German authorities are doubtlessly pursuing every lead in the case of the mysterious vandalism of the Christian statues. Even though the authorities seem to downplay cases such as this refugee who smashed up a church and even the New Year’s Eve assaults of 2016. (Of course, none of this could in any way be connected to the vast numbers of Muslim “refugees” Angela Merkel has imported into Germany over the last year…right??)

The truth is, Germany is doomed for at least two reasons: the wholesale abandonment of traditional values, culture, and religion (i.e. the family and Christian beliefs) and the importation of vast numbers of people who are actively opposed to that culture and religion (i.e. Muslims). Instead of sending out missionaries who would peacefully spread Christianity to those without Christ, the fate of Germany has been to bring in those who would violently and forcefully impose Islam.

In case you think this isn’t a vitally urgent problem, think again. I’m not exaggerating or inflating the dire importance of what is happening to Germany (or Europe as a whole). Just take a look at this map pinpointing migrant sex attacks in Germany, and ask yourself if Germany hasn’t changed for the worse?

France has fared similarly: the Paris you see in old movies is now a thing of the past. It ain’t dere no more. Now, the quaint old neighborhoods are no-go zones.

At the very least, observe, learn and beware.

As a sidenote, but an important sidenote: not all Muslims act out violence and even though they are part of a religion hostile to the truth – not all are personally opposed to learning the truth. Many followers of Islam learn and receive the truth of Christ each year. Here’s one man who used to be a Muslim – but now spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets of Las Vegas. Lost people get saved all the time, and it happens as the result of Christians telling them the gospel and the Holy Spirit drawing them to God and giving them understanding.


<h2>Fake News is Real, and the Real News is Fake</h2>

A few weeks ago I warned you about the mania of (so-called) “fake news”. It was apparent that the labeling of “alternative” news sources as “fake” would lead to censorship of the real truth. Since last month, the fake fake news reporting has expanded to include a possible overthrow of the US presidential election.

Just when you thought it was settled fair and square, the self-proclaimed “real” news said it was the Russians who used the many “fake news” sites to influence the election. It was a vast <strike>right-wing</strike> Russian conspiracy! (Therefore, according to them, Trump is not a legitimately-elected president.)

The only thing is, none of these major news media claims are…real. They’re fake news! (I know, it’s confusing.) Nowadays, the “fake” news is real, and the formerly “real” news is fake. It’s kind of strange to admit that Alex Jones is now a more reliable news source than ABC/NBC/CNN/MSNBC.

Look, to simplify everything…here are 10 Ways the Russian Hacking Story is Fake News. According to all the major media you would think it’s been verified, and the intelligence agencies all agree…but that’s not true either. The point is: don’t take everything the major news media says as truth; they report from a position of power from within Satan’s world order system. And that’s the truth.

“All news is persuasion, and it is presented for that purpose even if the presenters don’t think of it that way.” – Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert.)

<h2>What About the Millennials?</h2>

Here’s an interesting perspective on the Millennial generation…and the end times. Are they the most perfectly-prepared people for the coming of a false Christ? In many ways, they might be. Everyone needs to read their Bible, and unless Millennials study theirs in earnest as well, they’re being set up for a horrible future.


<h2><strike>Happy Holidays</strike>Merry Christmas</h2>

In positive news, we can now say Merry Christmas again. If someone doesn’t like it, then I guess it doesn’t apply to them. If they insist on saying “Happy Holidays”, be sure to follow Pastor Greg’s advice and ask them to specify which Holiday they’re exactly talking about.


Remnant Report – December 7, 2016

Today is the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, when the USA was taken by surprise. In physical as well as in spiritual warfare, defeat often comes to those who are unaware. The lesson is to always be sober and alert…and expect an attack. (See 1 Peter 5:8)

With that warning, we begin this edition of the Remnant Report.

Don’t Mess With Texas Israel

The ancient country of Israel has had numerous miraculous interventions from God. Likewise, the modern state of Israel has seen some strange – if not downright miraculous – things as well. Add this one to the list:
Biblical Pillar of Cloud Protects Israel From ISIS Over Golan Heights [VIDEO]. It’s not proof of anything, but don’t think it too strange that the LORD might still be protecting His people.

Eternal Life Through Science – Instead of Through God?

Frankenstein’s monster wasn’t just a character in an old story. Neither was RoboCop just a movie character. Apparently if left unchecked (see Genesis 11:6) people are headed for a future that doesn’t “need” God.

ISIS: Not Big Trump Fans

Reports are saying that ISIS is plotting a “Bloody Friday” for Donald Trump’s inauguration. If the reports are accurate, Jan. 20, 2017 could see some major events. Hopefully no attacks actually happen. But there’s one definite thing we can predict: no matter what, the world will continue to praise Islam as a “religion of peace”. (Something no objective observer of Islam would ever imagine.)

Great Whore = “Supertramp”?

Did the rock album “Breakfast in America” by the band Supertramp foreshadow the events of 9/11? I report, you decide.

I’m not saying a 1970s record album “predicted” 9/11. I’m not even claiming that it’s intentional modern “typology” (see Hebrews 9:24 and 11:19). But seeing that symbolism is everywhere, and often used to communicate messages without being obvious…this is a very interesting coincidence.

The Era of the Mark

Tattoos, implants, and now virtual reality. We live in an age of marks, if not the “age of the mark”. VR Goggles might be this year’s hottest Christmas present, but realize that VR is also an important end-times technology. Read about it here: FUTURE SHOCK: How Virtual Reality Will Play a Role in the Mark of the Beast System

Remnant Report – December 1, 2016

This week’s Remnant Report is short – not for lack of news, but for lack of time. But just for the sake of keeping up, here are a couple of items – some things you may want to think about.

Castro Finally Gets to Meet His Heroes Lenin and Marx

Fidel Castro died just recently (on November 25, 2016) at the age of 90. He apparently died peacefully – unlike many of his victims. But if he got his wish, he’s not getting much peace now – Castro is now in hell.

It’s what he claims he wanted, and by all accounts there’s no reason to doubt it – he rejected Christ, faith, and all religious thought. I can’t judge him, of course: that’s purely God’s realm. I just know what Castro said. From a 1994 interview, Castro said the following:

“You know, I’ll go to hell, and I know the heat will be unbearable, but it will be less painful than having expected so much from heaven, which never kept its promises… And also, when I arrive, I will meet Marx, Engels, Lenin…”

As despicable and terrible of a person that Fidel Castro was (because millions of people suffered under his rulership), it’s not the fact that he was a brutal dictator that sent him to hell. It’s his rejection of Christ that allowed him to continue on the path to hell.

He that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. (John 3:18)

We don’t earn heaven. We don’t earn hell. We either get what we deserve (Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23), or we are granted what we do not deserve (Ephesians 2:8-9).

Don’t Neglect Yourself

We live in an age of self-help, self-esteem, personal trainers, and just paying attention to yourself overall. Men in the 1950s apparently neglected themselves, because its only been in the last few years I’ve seen manicures for men written about in magazines and anti-aging night cream (to prevent wrinkles!) for men. As I often do, I can’t help but wonder “What would grampa have thought of this?”

But maybe it’s good. Maybe the modern milieu of “self care” really is true progress. Perhaps we should pay more attention to ourselves! I just happen to think of it in different terms.

Here’s what I mean: Because we are made up of three “parts” – body, soul, and spirit (Romans 12:1-2) – we should put all three parts to use. It only makes sense to do so. The alternative – self-neglect – would cause our entire being to be out of balance.

Imagine if all you cared about was reading. Every day when you had a free moment. Every night before bed. Books, books, books. You’d probably absorb quite a few new ideas, expand your vocabulary, and learn new facts. You’d be out of balance – physically – unless you worked out sometimes.

If all you did was work out, exercise, and live for sports, it would be a different kind of problem. You’d be out of balance intellectually. There’s a time for exercising the mind, as well as the body.

We understand these concepts, because they’re accepted and plain to see. But what a lot of people miss is the fact that they can be out of balance spiritually. Personal spiritual neglect is far more prevalent, perhaps, than any other kind of personal neglect.

Romans 12:1-2 tells us that it’s our “reasonable service” to present ourselves to God. It mentions our mind (which is our soul) and our body. What is understood, as well, is that in order to have that connection with God we must have the Spirit of life through faith in Christ.

The world tells us to not neglect our body. The Bible tells us to not neglect our soul, and to not neglect our spiritual self.