Heritage Bible Church now has two weekly podcasts:
the Sunday 10AM Christian Education Service
and the Wednesday 7PM Bible Study

Podcasting is a technology which automatically sends audio files to subscribers via the internet.  Subscriptions to Heritage Bible Church podcasts are free.  Below are several useful links to learn more about podcasting:
 What You Need to Know About Subscribing to Podcasts.  
VIDEO TUTORIALS – How to subscribe to a podcast.
How do I subscribe to a podcast with iTunes?
Learning in Hand – Subscribing to Podcasts.
The 3 Best Programs for Subscribing to Podcasts.

Both podcasts will be published weekly.  
Podcast durations are 45 minutes long and approximately 8 MB in size on average.  The content will be directly from the pulpit of Heritage Bible Church on a variety of bible studies.
The source for the free podcast feed is on the MP3_Archive page.
RSS feed
icons on that page indicate which church services serve as feeds for the podcasts.

When you click on a subscription
icon on the MP3 Archive page a new browser page will be displayed which describes the podcast and a button or link to play it.
Several other buttons or a dropdown will allow clicking to automatically subscribe to the podcast using your favorite web-based or local podcatcher.
Each podcast is updated weekly and your computer or cell phone will then be 
notified as new podcasts become available. This will let you listen to the pulpit teaching without visiting the website.

To receive these new podcasts manually set your RSS aggregator/podcatcher as shown below.

For the Sunday 10:00 AM podcast
Feed Title: Heritage Bible Church 10AM Podcast
Feed Address: http://feeds.feedburner.com/HeritageBibleChurch10AMPodcast

For the Wednesday 7:00 PM podcast
Feed Title: Heritage Bible Church 7PM Podcast
Feed Address: http://feeds.feedburner.com/HeritageBibleChurchWed7pmPodcast