Speaking In An “Unknown” Tongue Violates Scripture

  1. When more than three speak at a given
    meeting (1Cor. 14:27,23)
  2. When women do the speaking (1Cor. 14:34)
  3. When the speaker interprets for himse1f (1Cor.
  4. When there is no interpreter (1Cor. 14:28)
  5. When there is confusion (1Cor. 14:33,40)
  6. When self-control is lost (1Cor. 14:32)
  7. When it results in “new” revelations (Rev. 22:18)
  8. When everyone is exhorted to seek the gift of
    tongues (1Cor. 12:28,3l,8-10)
  9. When it does not edify the church (1Cor.

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