Remnant Report – December 14, 2016

A lot of things are happening in the world lately, and many of them seem chaotic or strange – but only to those who can’t see things clearly. If you want to see things clearly, you might need to look at things through lenses. So put on the glasses of truth today and take a look at the events in this Remnant Report.

NOTE: I recommend you view the resources linked to throughout this article.

<h2>50 Christian Statues Destroyed in Germany</h2>

In Germany, a country that has been traditionally a bastion of Christendom for centuries, is seeing some major changes that seem to signal major hostility toward Christianity. And no one knows why! It’s a total mystery.

In a quote from this article, “German police say they ‘don’t yet know’ why Christian statues are being destroyed all over the countryside of North Rhine-Westphalia.” The German authorities are doubtlessly pursuing every lead in the case of the mysterious vandalism of the Christian statues. Even though the authorities seem to downplay cases such as this refugee who smashed up a church and even the New Year’s Eve assaults of 2016. (Of course, none of this could in any way be connected to the vast numbers of Muslim “refugees” Angela Merkel has imported into Germany over the last year…right??)

The truth is, Germany is doomed for at least two reasons: the wholesale abandonment of traditional values, culture, and religion (i.e. the family and Christian beliefs) and the importation of vast numbers of people who are actively opposed to that culture and religion (i.e. Muslims). Instead of sending out missionaries who would peacefully spread Christianity to those without Christ, the fate of Germany has been to bring in those who would violently and forcefully impose Islam.

In case you think this isn’t a vitally urgent problem, think again. I’m not exaggerating or inflating the dire importance of what is happening to Germany (or Europe as a whole). Just take a look at this map pinpointing migrant sex attacks in Germany, and ask yourself if Germany hasn’t changed for the worse?

France has fared similarly: the Paris you see in old movies is now a thing of the past. It ain’t dere no more. Now, the quaint old neighborhoods are no-go zones.

At the very least, observe, learn and beware.

As a sidenote, but an important sidenote: not all Muslims act out violence and even though they are part of a religion hostile to the truth – not all are personally opposed to learning the truth. Many followers of Islam learn and receive the truth of Christ each year. Here’s one man who used to be a Muslim – but now spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets of Las Vegas. Lost people get saved all the time, and it happens as the result of Christians telling them the gospel and the Holy Spirit drawing them to God and giving them understanding.


<h2>Fake News is Real, and the Real News is Fake</h2>

A few weeks ago I warned you about the mania of (so-called) “fake news”. It was apparent that the labeling of “alternative” news sources as “fake” would lead to censorship of the real truth. Since last month, the fake fake news reporting has expanded to include a possible overthrow of the US presidential election.

Just when you thought it was settled fair and square, the self-proclaimed “real” news said it was the Russians who used the many “fake news” sites to influence the election. It was a vast <strike>right-wing</strike> Russian conspiracy! (Therefore, according to them, Trump is not a legitimately-elected president.)

The only thing is, none of these major news media claims are…real. They’re fake news! (I know, it’s confusing.) Nowadays, the “fake” news is real, and the formerly “real” news is fake. It’s kind of strange to admit that Alex Jones is now a more reliable news source than ABC/NBC/CNN/MSNBC.

Look, to simplify everything…here are 10 Ways the Russian Hacking Story is Fake News. According to all the major media you would think it’s been verified, and the intelligence agencies all agree…but that’s not true either. The point is: don’t take everything the major news media says as truth; they report from a position of power from within Satan’s world order system. And that’s the truth.

“All news is persuasion, and it is presented for that purpose even if the presenters don’t think of it that way.” – Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert.)

<h2>What About the Millennials?</h2>

Here’s an interesting perspective on the Millennial generation…and the end times. Are they the most perfectly-prepared people for the coming of a false Christ? In many ways, they might be. Everyone needs to read their Bible, and unless Millennials study theirs in earnest as well, they’re being set up for a horrible future.


<h2><strike>Happy Holidays</strike>Merry Christmas</h2>

In positive news, we can now say Merry Christmas again. If someone doesn’t like it, then I guess it doesn’t apply to them. If they insist on saying “Happy Holidays”, be sure to follow Pastor Greg’s advice and ask them to specify which Holiday they’re exactly talking about.