Remnant Report – January 17, 2017

Was the Florida Airport Shooter a Muslim?

If you’ve already forgotten about the shooting in Florida just a couple of weeks ago, don’t feel bad. Soon after it was national news, the national news stopped reporting on it. It was claimed that the shooter was nothing more than a (hispanic) American military veteran. A lone wolf. Another crazy “lone gunman”. But was there more to the story? Did the media stop reporting…because it was found that he was actually a jihadist? According to this report, he was indeed a Muslim, loyal to ISIS. (Also, see here.)

ABC News only briefly mentions this possibility, buried in the middle of one of their articles on the subject:
“Since the attack, investigators recovered his computer from a pawn shop, and the FBI is examining it to determine whether the alleged shooter created a jihadist identity for himself using the name Aashiq Hammad, according to officials familiar with the case.” [Source]

Pre-Flood History: A Pyramid, Built by a Giant?

The legend (or myth, or…history, depending on what you believe) about the largest pyramid in the world is quite interesting. If you believe the Bible, you believe that giants once lived in our world (see Genesis 6). Battles and wars with giants are a very significant part of Israel’s history (the books of Moses contain numerous examples). You are also probably at least familiar with Goliath – and his brothers. But have you ever wondered about the rest of the ancient world?

It stands to reason that if there were tribes of giants surrounding the ancient nation of Israel, there were probably giants beyond the middle east: Europe, east Asia, and beyond the seas in the Americas. And “myths” from all over the world seem to validate this possibility. The myths, fairytales, legends…and even histories from every part of the globe mention giants.

One such myth is the story of how the Great Pyramid of Cholula was built. Supposedly, a giant was in charge of its construction. (Interestingly, the legend says he escaped a flood.)

In 1958, A Man Named Trump Promised to Build a Wall in Texas

Is this prophetic, coincidental, or something else? I’ll let you arrive at your own conclusion. But it’s not easy to explain, using earthly, human reasoning. Is it? No matter what, it’s yet another interesting synchronicity that defies the concept that we live in a purely physical world – with no connection to God or eternity. [See the Article: 1958 Western: A Man Named Trump Promises to Build a Wall in Texas]

A Radical Concept for the Modern Age: Masculine Men and Feminine Women!

These days, it’s considered weird, offensive, and even “hateful” to say that men should be men – and women should be women. But, it’s true – and as Christians we need to not only state the obvious, but actively teach our kids the truth about God’s order of creation. If we don’t, the world will teach its lies.

Coach Dave Daubenmire talks about this in his article “Masculine Men and Feminine Women“. “Men to be Masculine and women to be feminine was God’s idea. ‘Male and female created He them…'”

Meanwhile – in China – their society is actively seeking to prevent what has happened in the US: While U.S. Media Celebrates Feminization of Boys, China Moves to Prevent ‘Masculinity Crisis’.


At the end of this week is the inauguration of a new president. Pray for the USA, pray for the president, and pray for Jerusalem. Because it’s possible we will see the Trump presidency impact Israel (in a favorable way, towards Israel) like no presidency before.