Remnant Report – January 24, 2017

In today’s Remnant Report, we examine some of the news highlights from the last week. A few of these have bearing on the Last Days, in which we undoubtedly live. Is that a bad thing? For some, yes. But for believers – informed believers – it only means we’re closer to the event called the Blessed Hope, aka the Rapture, aka the translation of the church.

Did you ever wonder what the early church believed? If we knew what they early believers thought about the end times, it might show us if we’re on the “right track”. It turns out, there are written records in which early believers clearly lay out what they thought would happen in the last days. And it turns out, they thought the pre-millenial view is correct. Here’s an interesting lecture from the 2016 “Prophecy Watchers Conference” by author Ken Johnson, in which he talks about this subject:

US Ambassador to Live in Jerusalem

Watch Jerusalem. It is a prime, if not the prime, prophetic indicator. And it is interesting (and encouraging) to watch how favorable President Trump is already acting towards Israel and Jerusalem. Not only has he made clear that he will move the embassy to the “true” capital of Israel, Jerusalem, our ambassador has already stated he will live in Jerusalem. It’s happening, folks.

What Does It Take to Get into Heaven?

Most people want to get into heave. And most people have no concept of what the Bible simply states regarding salvation. Read The Big Lie: “Tolerance Gets Souls to Heaven”.

Simple belief in Jesus (the Lord’s Christ) is all that is actually required. Jesus asks, “Do you trust me?” and you either do or you do not. What could be simpler?

His Last Act: Funded Israel’s Enemies

Obama’s final act as president was to give money to the enemies of Israel. From the article: “The Muslim leaders of ‘Palestinian Authority’ exhort Muslims living in Gaza, Judea and Samaria to kill Jews and attack the Jewish state. They glorify murder and reward terrorists and their families and indoctrinate their young to grow up to be homicide/suicide bombers. These funds will be used to slaughter, maim and destroy.”

Every believer should be pro-Israel. And being in favor of Israel would entail doing things that help them, and not doing things that bring them harm. Simple stuff.

The Devil Wants to be in the High Places

What is it with satan statues these days? First it was in Oklahoma, now it’s in Arkansas’ state capitol

A Major Prophetic Sign Appeared The Moment Donald Trump Stepped To The Inauguration Platform

Take it for what it’s worth. I’m not making claims of whether or not this was a true sign from God. But I do believe in observing the times, and I believe that sometimes the Lord might communicate to us through circumstances and events that otherwise go unnoticed. Whether this was a “major prophetic sign” or not, one thing is certain: it would do people good to give more attention and thought to what God’s might be doing and what His will is in the events and circumstances of life.

The Acceptance of Sharia Continues

We should focus our attention on the True God – the Lord Jesus – and seek His will. But don’t forget the tactics of the enemy. The enemy is quite active.

Author of Confusion Still Attacking God in Our Universities

Not new news, just a reminder of how demonic our universities have become. This one is a religious university, no less. It might be worse than secular universities, in its direct attack on God.

And from the blog of sci-fi author Jerry Pournelle, a brief comment entitled “Universities Go Insane on God!”:
“Another day, another university’s religion program bogged down by political correctness. Earlier this week, we reported on how two top divinity schools are suggesting gender-neutral pronouns for God — and now one of the top colleges in the nation has students asking about whether God is a racist. Specifically, Pennsylvania’s Swarthmore College is offering a religion class this semester titled, ‘Is God a White Supremacist?'” Obviously, the insanity has reached new levels.

And what is the logical conclusion of this line of thinking? This commenter sees right through it. ‘I suppose the solution, then, is to worship the Devil since he must be tolerant, inclusive, and he celebrates diversity.’ I’d say that’s a pretty accurate statement of what they ultimately would like to see.

Pope Francis – the Anti-Israel Pope

And finally, the latest from the supposed earthly substitute of Christ: Pope Francis Strengthens Palestinian Refusal to End Hostilities with Israel. Always anti-Israel and pro-terrorists, without fail.