Remnant Report – January 9, 2017

If you look at the world from a purely earthly perspective, things can seem pretty grim. In fact, if there was no Bible and if there was no truth and if there was no eternal life, this existence would seem pointless much of the time. Put yourself in that mindset for a moment: imagine that the Bible and everything written in it is made up. I’ll wait.

Did you do that? Didn’t it feel hopeless and depressing? Good. Now you know why atheists are always so miserable. (And maybe you’ll be more patient with them next time you have a dialogue with one. Most of them are dealing with some serious darkness.)

Now, get back into your right mind and realize the facts: there is a very real Creator (named Jesus Christ) who died and rose again to save the world – you included. He gave us a record of His Word so we can know His will and understand this existence. We are living in a world that’s only temporarily controlled by evil, but God is still ultimately in control. He loves us and will fulfill all the things written in the Book.

Also, we’re almost certainly at the very end of this age, which means that just “around the corner” we’ll finally see justice, peace, and the restoration of all things. It’s not long at all.

So before you read the rest of this week’s Remnant Report, I hope you’re in that mindset of hope and anticipation. Because we see some signs of the times, and unless you realize that the times culminate in the Rapture and then Christ’s return…it doesn’t look very nice. (And that’s an understatement.)

Obama, the Modern-Day Haman

This is a thought-provoking analysis of Obama written by a rabbi. It shows a few very significant parallels between modern-day Iran and ancient Persia (which are same country) and Obama and Haman (from the book of Esther) as well as parallels between Netanyahu and Esther. I recommend you read the book of Esther (takes less than an hour) and then read the article.

The Persecution of Christians – Happening Now

The fact is that Christians are the most persecuted group today. We might not see it every day in modern America, but in much of the world persecution for naming the name of Christ is a fact of life. If you were forced to choose between denying Christ (and being allowed to live) or being loyal to Christ (with the consequence of torture or death) – which would you choose? Would you be able to stand firm and faithful to Jesus? Think about that. Because many of our brothers and sisters must face that question every day.

California, Leading the Way (to the Abyss)

As reported from the always-informative Woodpile Report: “Washington Examiner – California Democrats legalize child prostitution…teenagers free to solicit money for sex without fear of arrest or prosecution. Soon enough we’ll be anti-pedophile bigots, or ‘pedophobes’ for short. That’s where it’s going.” Of course it was the Democrats. And no, the article is not a joke.

And in other news coming out of California (“Hellywood” this time)…Another Sick Comedy from Hollywood. Why anyone would watch this – much less find it funny – boggles any rational mind.

Now, Elites Want Blood

The Bible is always correct, and once again science is starting to catch up to what the Bible has stated all along: the life of the flesh is in the blood. But, as always, this world system perverts the Creator’s design and intentions.

Even though it sounds sensational and unbelievable, the following is true: one of the latest fads among this world’s “elites” seems to be injecting the blood of young people into themselves in order to regain lost youth and extend their lifespans. Modern-day, real-life vampirism? Well…yeah. Pretty much.

[Original source article from Inc. magazine: “Peter Thiel Is Very Interested in Young People’s Blood“]