Remnant Report – March 20, 2017

Why Christians Should Reject Disney’s New Beauty and the Beast

If you care about your children or grandchildren, you will pay closer attention to media these days. Sadly – and to the shame of modern “Christians” – most parents and grandparents blindly obey the world system. They know nothing about what is truly going on, instead preferring to trust everything offered to them via media. As they follow the modern “progressive” ways of the world, they lead their children away from God.

For what it’s worth, most Christians mean well – but they’re foolish. Spiritually, many people who say they believe in Jesus appear to be “dumb as a bag of hammers”. Before you say “that’s mean” and dismiss me, consider the fact that most Christians apparently have NO filter on what they take into their soul in the name of “entertainment”.

The latest example is the new version of Beauty and the Beast. I call it “Fake Beauty and the Beast”, because it adds elements to the story that were never in the original tale. The new plot elements add nothing to the story other than perverse thinking. What I’m referring to is the homosexuality that was placed into the plot.

What, you mean you haven’t heard about that? As I mentioned, if you’re like many Christians in the 21st century, you’re woefully blind and ignorant of current issues – as well as Biblical truth. Sad. If you haven’t heard about this new hit Disney movie’s gay scenes, here’s an article you should read:

Homosexual director of “Beauty and Beast” wants to rip the Bible to pieces

What should you make of this? Simply put, the world has an agenda. It’s primary mission is to oppose the Creator in every way. It does this through subtilty (Genesis 3) and subversion. It does it through innocuous and innocent and harmless appearances. It does it through entertainment, through fun, and through things that appeal to people. Nothing is new.

Paired with the total lack of basic discernment on the part of most Christians, we are like sitting ducks. Satan – “the god of this world” – rules over people who say they follow Christ just as much as he rules over the most willing devil-worshipper. What difference does it make to him if someone says they follow Jesus Christ, when in reality they actually follow Satan by obeying his world system?

Christians – if they have any commitment to God’s principles and commands – will at least attempt to live for Him. If they have an ounce of courage, they’ll make at least a small stand for Jesus. If they really believe the Bible is true, they’ll at least see and know that this world opposes Christ and they’ll try to not bend to every whim of the outside pressures of temptation and worldliness.

And that is why Christians should not go see Beauty and the Beast. It is a movie that promotes homosexuality, directed by a homosexual director who hates the Bible, promoted by an anti-Christian company (yes, Disney is most definitely anti-Christian), aimed at your child. No sane parent would bring their little boy or little girl to a film like this – Christian or not.

Wake up, Christians. Judging by the fact that this movie is a smash hit, you’re all asleep. (No doubt, a number of those box-office ticket purchases came from professing “believers”.) So, Christian, to put it bluntly….stop being so stupid! Stop being so weak and fleshly, just because you feel like being entertained constantly. Act like a child of God for a change.

Take a stand, for once, against what is wrong. Instead of taking your kids to a movie that advocates being “gay”, tell them you won’t be seeing it and tell them why. Set an example for your kids of how a Christian should act.

Is that too hard?