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Heritage Bible Church does not endorse the modern ecumenical movement. We do not join with or promote those churches and organizations that abandon doctrinal truth for the sake of unity or provide a platform for their ministry. The Scripture not only warns of a departure from sound doctrine in the final days, but also of a great increase in false teachers, apostasy, and “luke-warmness” prior to the second coming of Christ. Instead, we are commanded to preach the Word and to earnestly contend for the faith.

Heritage Bible Church does not embrace the church growth movement, which places an emphasis on felt needs and
entertainment to reach the lost and “unchurched”. We believe the gospel in itself is the power of salvation. As believers, we are to be distinct from the world rather than to mimic it. We gather on Sunday morning to worship our Lord in spirit and truth. Therefore, the emphasis of our worship, both in music and proclamation, is upon the Grace of God as revealed in Scripture.

Heritage Bible Church does not endorse the integration of psychology into Scripture. We believe that the Scripture stands on its own and is sufficient in and of itself to save any soul and prepare any individual for every good work. The Bible does not make a distinction between counseling and discipleship. Counseling is usually thought of as a response to a problem or trial that comes into a person’s life. However, the solution to that problem is still the same – to learn to observe God’s commandments. Failure to see counseling as a part of discipleship sets the stage for further problems for the believer. It is as if God’s Word would be enough to help people learn basic things but it is not adequate enough to help people through tough times. We uphold the sufficiency of Christ and His Word for all the issues of life. If the Lord can deliver us from the depths of hell, surely He can deliver us from the despairs of this life.

Heritage Bible Church does not endorse the modern Charismatic movement. We believe this movement gives an undue prominence to a gift that had only limited value in New Testament times. It often suggests that tongues-speaking is the necessary evidence of the special work of the Spirit, when in fact; the New Testament does not say this. It tends to place more emphasis on tongues-speaking as an external manifestation of the Spirit than on the work of the Spirit within to produce character and Christ like behavior. It claims that “ecstatic utterance” is also tongues-speaking, when the Bible clearly teaches that the gift in New Testament times was that of speaking in previously unlearned earthly foreign languages. It often fails to see that God sovereignly gave gifts, not on demand, and that no one gift is for everyone.

Heritage Bible Church does not promote political involvement as the answer to the moral dilemma of our day. Although it is not wrong for Christians to seek political offices or speak out against the evil of the day, political and moral agendas should never take priority over the gospel. The church must keep its spiritual focus. We are to be salt and light to this world as Christ lives out His life in our life. The New Testament gives no support or example of solving the sin problem of man through the political process. All governments are ordained by God to restrain evil, but only Christ through the proclamation of the gospel can save the soul and change the heart.