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PDF Fact Sheets

Seals of Revelation Fact SheetThe
Lord Jesus Christ revealed to his disciples many judgements that would
befall mankind in His Olivet Discourse. He also revealed many
judgements to the apostle John on the Isle of Patmos. Did these
judgments agree with each  other? Did the Lord Jesus Christ also
reveal signs of His second advent? Answers to these and other questions
are given in the Seals of Revelation Fact Sheet..
Eschatological Rewards Fact SheetPeter
asked the Lord, “Behold, we have forsaken all, and followed thee; what
shall we have therefore?” Although we will surely not have the same
rewards promised to Peter there will be rewards for those who have
suffered or disiplined themselves in the Lord. Are you anxious for the
Lord’s return? Have you shared the gospel of your salvation with
anyone? Read
or download this fact sheet to learn what rewards are in store for us.
Lord’s Supper Fact
you ever wondered who instituted the Lord’s Supper? Does it commemerate
anything? Is it physical food or spiritual? How often should we eat it,
and where should we eat it? Should we eat it alone or with others? Read
or download this fact sheet to learn the answer to these and other
Resurrection Fact
the resurrection of Christ really true or is it a myth? Did anyone
discover the body of Jesus Christ in his tomb? Did anyone see Chist
outside his tomb after his burial? Is our calendar related in any way
to the life of Jesus Christ? Answers to these and other questions are
given in this fact sheet on Reasons to Believe the Resurrection of
Daniel’s 70
There are some who say that Daniel was not a prophet.
But Jesus declared that Daniel was a prophet (Matt
24:15, Mark 13:14). Others
say that his prophecies were too accurate, therefore were written after
the fact. Still others say that Daniels’s prophecies have all been
fulfilled. How many years did Daniel cover in his prophecies? Did
Daniel speak of weeks or years in his prophecies? How many kingdoms are
involved in Daniel’s prophecies? Did Daniel speak of an everlasting
kingdom? To learn these answers click your little mouse here (or for
those who have touch screens, touch here) to view the fact sheet on the
chronology of the Seventy Weeks of Daniel.
Church History
Fact Sheet
Were the early churches models for today’s churches?
 Was Jesus satisfied with the way they were going?  Or did He
give them a few ‘or else’ warnings?
 Learn how John depicted the early churches as told to him by
Jesus in the New Testament’s only book of prophecy and how these
depictions are reflected in church trends over the
Koran Fact
What does the Koran teach?  How
many surahs does it contain?  Discover the continuity and
chronology from surah to surah.  Learn alternate facts about
Jesus, Noah and his sons, Abraham and where he lived, where the Ark
rested, Mary, the Tower of Babel, and much more.
Tongues Fact
speaking in tongues cause confusion?  Or can they reveal new
revelations?  How many people are allow to speak in tongues?
 Should we be encourged to seek the gift of tongues?
these and other facts that Paul taught about tongues.
The Council of
Trent Fact Sheet
Paul receive any anathemas from The Council of Trent?  What about
“Pope” Peter?  Is it possible that even the Lord Jesus Christ has
received anathemas from this famous council? Were there sacraments in
the Old Law?  Were these sacraments the same as the ones in the
New Law?  Was the Apostle Paul wrong in calling concupiscence sin?
 Is grace conferred through sacraments?  Learn
these and other doctrinal facts that are still in effect and taught by
The Council of Trent
in three separate sessions from 1545 to 1564, universally regarded as
the greatest of the Ecumenical Councils.


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