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  1. Jesus said He would rise again (faith)
  2. The tomb was empty
  3. The tomb was known by many
  4. The 4-ton stone was moved out and away from the door
  5. The Roman guards saw or heard nothing
  6. For them to lie meant their death
  7. The risen Jesus was seen by many at varied times right after His resurrection
  8. He was seen by over 500 people at one time
  9. No one denied the resurrection at the time it occurred
  10. No one challenged the resurrection for 1600 years
  11. Even non Biblical sources give testimony to the fact of the resurrection
  12. Every time we write the date, we acknowledge the fact of the
    resurrection. For the resurrection is the only reason Christianity has
    turned the world upside down for 2000 years

John Chapter 6

  1. The events here occur one year before the “last supper”
  2. There are no priests in the chapter
  3. There is no sacrifice in the chapter
  4. Sin nor sins does not appear in the chapter
  5. The verbs concerning believe and eating are “aorist tense” meaning one time acts and not something repeated
  6. To insert the belief that Jesus is stating the Roman Catholic
    “mass” must be observe to be saved, is to say no one could be saved for
    one year. Further, no one could be saved for about 300 years after.
  7. Jesus clearly states that He is Not referring to eating something physically (see vs. 58)