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Brain Food – Food For Thought

The Veil MendersWhat was the purpose of the veil in the Jewish temple? What did it’s destruction signify? Learn how the Jews and Catholics did not want to end the need for the veil.
The Primacy of PeterWas Peter the prime apostle? Was he head of the other apostles? What did Peter think of his importance relative to the other apostles? Read and learn from Peter himself.
Signs of a CultAre cults those small insignificant groups that sway only a handful of followers? Do cults force you do follow their way? Examine these signs and compare to your religion and faith.
Hail MaryWhy was Mary chosen to be the mother of Jesus? Is it biblical to pray to Mary? Can Mary hear everyone’s prayers in hundreds of languages at the same instant? Can Mary actually pray for anyone or change their destination at their death? Read how followers of Mary have diverted their attention and worship from Jesus to her.
Catholicism and Lordship SalvationLordship Salvation is a hot-button topic for many theologians. But it is a topic that is normally thought to be debated only among Protestants. Read how the largest Christian cult in the world teaches that their human leader is Lord of all, even of Jesus Christ!
Bless Me Father (part 1)Is it biblical to call another person your spiritual Father? Can this person forgive sins? Can he forbid you to eat certain foods? Can he force you to participate in rituals? Can a mere man actually change bread or wine into something else just by saying special words?  Read what the bible says about these things.
Bless Me Father (part 2)Is it ANTI-BIBLE to compare cults and rituals to the bible? Is it ANTI-BIBLE to compare traditions of man to the bible? Part 2 of this subject deals with these and other issues.
The Mass: Miracle or Mendacity?How much power does a Catholic priest have? Is it greater than that of Seraphim and Cherubim? If a Muslim believed in the power of a priest, would he turn his back on the host?  Would anyone leave the physical presence of the risen Savior?  Read this paper to see how Rome misinterprets the Bible.


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